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Key use of PE pipe

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Mar 28,2019

Key Uses of PE Pipes 1. PE pipes for villages and towns include the advantages of safety, hygiene, convenient construction and long service life. They have once become ideal pipes for township water supply. 2. Natural gas and gas transportation. Due to a series of advantages such as firm connection, stable function, simple construction and corrosion resistance, PE pipes have become the best choice for medium and low pressure natural gas transportation pipes. 3. Food and chemical industry category: PE pipes have common corrosion resistance functions, it can be used for the transportation or discharge of various acid and salt salts, making the cost low and the maintenance cost low 4. The transportation of ore sand and mud: PE pipes have common wear resistance 4 times that of steel pipes, and can be widely used for the transportation of ore sand.


Key use of PE pipe


1, villages and towns for PE pipe contains safe, sanitary, convenient construction, long service life and other advantages, has become the ideal pipe for township water supply


2, natural gas, gas transportation: due to PE pipeline connection solid, stable function, simple construction, corrosion resistance and a series of advantages, become the best choice of medium and low pressure natural gas transportation pipeline


3, food chemical industry category: PE pipeline has a common corrosion resistance function, can be used for a variety of acid salt transport or emissions, making low cost and low maintenance costs.


4, ore, mud transport: PE pipe has a common wear resistance is 4 times that of steel pipe, can be widely used to transport ore, power plant fly ash, river dredging mud, etc.


5. Replacement of cement pipes, cast iron pipes and steel pipes: Regarding the suspension of the reorganization of old pipes such as the original laying of cement pipes and cast iron pipes in the city, PE pipes can be directly inserted into old pipes to suspend communication without large-scale excavation. The project cost is low and the construction time is short. It is especially suitable for the reorganization of pipelines in old urban areas.


6, landscaping pipe network landscaping needs a lot of water pipelines, PE pipeline cost is low, it is worth pushing.


7, municipal trenchless engineering with the development of the city, trenchless technology is widely used in various construction, and in trenchless factories commonly used pipe jacking (drag pipe, traction pipe) is usually more popular with PE pipe, think its toughness and price advantage, in the trenchless category will be more expanded


8. In addition to cement pipes and ⅢDPE double-wall corrugated pipes, PE pipes are also used in the construction of many sewage disposal plants. In theoretical construction, the flow rate of PE pipes with the same diameter is better than that of other pipes. However, in complex environments such as turning and crossing, its convenience is even better. 9. Power threading is due to the superior resistance and insulation function of PE pipes, and the good compressive strength and tensile strength of its wood body, usually in many power threading construction, often use

The Importance and Advantages of PE Pipe in Water Supply Project

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