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Let's explain about the maintenance of PE water supply pipe and water handling pipe.

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Sep 15,2021

Let's explain the maintenance of PE water supply and handling pipes: after the PE water supply pipes purchased by customers are transported to the construction site, pay attention to the protection of finished PE water supply pipes. during construction, attention should be paid to the connection of pipes and the overall maintenance of subsequent pipelines to avoid unnecessary maintenance, human and financial losses during initial use.

Let's explain about the maintenance of PE water supply and handling pipes.

Customer PurchasedPE water supply pipeAfter being transported to the construction site, pay attention to the protection of the finished PE water supply pipe. During the construction, pay attention to the connection of the pipe and the overall maintenance of the subsequent pipeline to avoid unnecessary maintenance, manpower and financial losses during the initial use.

Handling Precautions:


1. When handling and installing the pipeline, do not touch sharp objects to avoid damage to the pipeline.

2. During the installation of PE water supply pipes, prevent organic pollutants such as paint from contacting the pipes.

3. When installing the special pipe for the metal insert connected to the metal pipe, do not use excessive force. On the other hand, the metal parts of the screw are damaged and the connection part leaks.

4. Heating the trachea and trachea is to prevent the thickness from becoming thinner due to excessive heating, which will cause the trachea to deform in the trachea.

5. When hot melt intubation and calibration, rotation is strictly prohibited.

6. There can be no fire on the operation site, and it is strictly prohibited to bend the pipe with fire.

  7.PE water supply pipeIf the installation is interrupted or completed, please be sure to close it temporarily to prevent garbage from entering.

Protection of the finished product

Pipes and pipes should not be placed in the sun for a long time. In order to prevent the pipes from bending during storage, please stack the pipes flat with a pile height of more than 2 meters. When handling the air pipe, please handle it carefully to avoid oil pollution. Do not collide violently, touch violently, throw, lift or pull. After the buried pipe is sealed, indicate the position and direction of the hidden pipe on the wall. It is strictly prohibited to impact the pipe, or nail metal nails and other sharp objects, after the installation of PE water supply pipe, do not use as Pourdon, hangers, etc.

Do you knowPE water supply pipeIs the ring stiffness?

Ring stiffness refers to the external pressure load of polymer or polymer composite pipe. Its full name is ring bending stiffness. It is defined as the resistance measurement of pipe resistance to ring deformation. Test method or calculation method can be used. The load borne by PE water supply pipe includes internal pressure and external pressure. Generally, the stress caused by internal pressure is the main cause of PE water supply pipe damage. The damage form is excessive deformation and rupture of pipe wall caused by tensile stress.

The external pressure borne by the PE water supply pipe mainly includes the weight of the soil covered, the pressure that may be generated by the ground buildings, and the load of vehicles on the ground. Since the PE pipe is a flexible pipe, the external load will be dispersed to the surrounding soil through the deformation of the pipe. The larger the pipe diameter, the smaller the rigidity of the ring. When the temperature drops, the hardness of the PE pipe increases and the rigidity of the ring also increases.

At present, the numerical index of ring stiffness is widely used in the overload capacity of PE water supply pipes. If the loop of PE water supply pipes is too small, it may cause excessive deformation, instability, and failure of the pipeline. On the contrary, if the ring rigidity is too high, due to the cross-sectional inertia The moment is too large, and the cost may be too high. Therefore, when choosing a PE water supply pipe, combine the actual situation.

The Importance and Advantages of PE Pipe in Water Supply Project

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