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What are the characteristics of pe drainage pipe advantages?

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Oct 05,2021

PE drainage pipe leakage is a troublesome thing, not only need financial and material resources, but also affect our normal life. The quality can reach the national standard pe drainage pipe, as long as the service life of about 50 years, why will leak?

pe drain pipeWater leakage is a troublesome thing, which not only requires financial and material resources, but also affects our normal life. The quality can reach the national standard pe drainage pipe, as long as the service life of about 50 years, why will leak?


With the rapid development of PE drainage pipes, some businesses sell inferior PE water supply pipes or those mixed with recycled drain pipe, get profiteering. The processing accuracy of polyethylene water supply pipe mixed with recycled material is poor. Once used, the later service life cannot be guaranteed.

Due to the lack of industry supervision, the construction quality of each installation team is uneven, some construction personnel do not carry out construction according to the requirements of industry specifications, brutal construction and careless installation, resulting in pe drainage pipe damage, no suppression test after construction, leaving hidden dangers for later use.

Even if some PE drainage pipes have been tested during the installation process, they have not been paid attention to in the subsequent installation process. It is not uncommon for the installer to accidentally cause the PE water supply pipe to leak and rupture. The above reasons are the root causes of PE drainage pipe leakage. If there is a water leakage, we should ask the professional construction unit to close the main valve of the waterway, and then test each PE drainage pipe circuit in turn to find out the place of the water leakage. After confirming the leakage circuit, check the leakage, analyze the cause of PE drainage pipe leakage, find out the personnel responsible for compensation treatment, and then cut off the leaking PE water supply pipe by professional and technical personnel, reconnect it with hot melt, and do tests to confirm that there is no problem and then recover.

The concrete pipe itself has cracks and water seepage, not acid and alkali resistance;pe drain pipeDue to the poor external pressure strength, it is not suitable for deep burial, and the PE drain pipe itself is toxic, which has been banned in Europe. The cement pipeline is a rigid structure with poor impact resistance and high breakage rate. As for the high-density polyethylene pipe, it is not only weather-resistant, but also chemical-resistant, with a service life of up to 50 years.

The Importance and Advantages of PE Pipe in Water Supply Project

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