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PE water supply pipe needs to pay attention to five major problems in the construction process

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Jan 12,2022

The specific application of PE water supply pipe in water supply project is explained from five aspects: transportation and stacking of PE water supply pipe, connection of PE water supply pipe, expansion and compensation of PE water supply pipe, landfill laying of PE water supply pipe, and prevention and control of installation quality common problems of PE water supply pipe. Then, let's learn about the five major problems that need to be paid attention to in the construction process of PE water supply pipe!

Frompe water supply pipeThe five aspects of transportation and stacking, connection of pe water supply pipes, expansion and compensation of pe water supply pipes, landfill laying of pe water supply pipes, and prevention and control of common installation quality defects of pe water supply pipes illustrate the specific application of PE water supply pipes in water supply projects. Then, let's learn about the five major problems that need to be paid attention to in the construction process of pe water supply pipes!


1. transportation and stacking of pe water supply pipe

When bundling water pipes, the weight shall not exceed 50kg. Water pipes shall be handled with care during handling, loading and unloading, and construction operations. When water pipes are kept in a clean place for long-term storage, they should be placed indoors or covered with a cover in order to prevent direct sunlight. When the pipes are piled on the ground for safekeeping, remove stones and other sharp things, and pile them up after the ground is summarized and leveled. Please keep the PE water supply pipe away from the heat source. Please note that if the loading or accumulation is too high, the deformation of the trachea will not exceed 18 months.

2. Connection surface of water supply pipe

  pe water supply pipeThere are mainly 5 kinds of connections, thermal welding connection, electric welding connection, socket connection, flange connection, steel forming transition joint connection.

3. Expansion and compensation surface of water supply pipe

Water supply pipe by the influence of temperature will occur thermal expansion, freezing contraction phenomenon, PE water supply pipe is a flexible pipe, the pipe itself can be flexed within a certain range of telescopic conditions. The burial project of the water supply pipeline can be adjusted by the expansion joint when the expansion deformation of the pipeline reaches a certain deformation value.

4. burial of pe water supply pipe

1) PE water supply pipe in the sun, aging accelerated, shorten life;

2) when the pe water supply pipe crosses the general non-grade road, it needs to adopt protective measures, which can be generally laid in the heavy pipe trench, and the casing can also be installed outside the pe water supply pipe;

3) When the bottom of the pipeline is backfilled with original soil and fine sand, there shall be no gravel, bricks and garbage. It cannot be backfilled with frozen soil. In addition, to layer consolidation.

  5、PE water supply pipePrevention and treatment of common quality diseases

1) Strictly check the pipes, and it is strictly forbidden to use used recycled materials to process the pipes for the installation of water supply pipeline projects;

2) When connecting the pipeline, operate according to the technical requirements of the material supplier, and carefully carry out the hydraulic test to ensure the quality.

3) The excavation and backfilling of the ditch shall comply with the relevant technical regulations of the Code for Construction and Acceptance of Water Supply and Drainage Pipeline Engineering.

With the acceleration of urbanization in China, the construction of urban water supply and drainage is accelerating, and PE water supply pipes are mostly used in urban water supply pipes. PE water supply pipe has good sanitary performance and recyclability, and can be connected by thermal fusion, with reliable joint quality and convenient construction. With the construction of national resource-saving and environment-friendly society, PE water supply pipe is more widely used in engineering.

The above introduction is the pe water supply pipe in the construction process need to pay attention to five major issues, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!

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