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What are the connection steps and characteristics of pe drainage pipe?

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Jan 27,2022

When connecting the PE drain pipe, it is necessary to go through the steps of material preparation, cutting, heating, welding and docking, and cooling. The main characteristics of the PE drain pipe are excellent physical properties, good corrosion resistance, good toughness and flexibility. The following details the connection steps and characteristics of pe drainage pipe.

Connectionpe drain pipeWhen, after material preparation, welding, heating, cutting and other steps, PE drainage pipe is mainly characterized by good corrosion resistance, excellent physical properties, good toughness and flexibility. The following details the connection steps and characteristics of pe drainage pipe.


Connection steps of pe drain pipe: 1. Material preparation: Place the pipe or pipe fitting flat on the docking machine, and the cutting allowance is 10-20mm. 2. Cutting: The smaller the misalignment, the better, and the deviation shall not exceed 10% of the wall thickness, otherwise it will affect the quality of the docking. 3. Heating: The docking temperature is generally 210-230 °, the heating time of the heating plate is different in winter and summer, and the melting length of both ends is 1-2mm. 4. Fusion butt welding is the key to welding. The butt welding process should always be carried out under melting pressure, and the edge width should be 2-4mm. 5. Cooling: Keep the docking pressure constant and let the interface cool slowly. The cooling time is subject to the hardness of the hand pressure and no heat feeling. 6. Docking is completed: After cooling, loosen the slips, remove the docking machine, and prepare for the next interface connection again.

  pe drain pipeFeatures: 1, excellent physical properties. PE drainage pipe is mainly made of polyethylene, which can not only ensure the strength of the pipeline, but also has flexibility and creep resistance. It has good performance in hot melt connection and is also conducive to the installation and construction of the pipeline. 2. Good corrosion resistance. In coastal areas, the land humidity is relatively high and the groundwater level is too high. Seamless steel pipes are easy to rust and have a relatively short service life, while pe drainage pipes are resistant to chemical media corrosion and are mainly made of polyethylene. They do not require any anti-corrosion treatment and will not promote the growth of algae, so their service life is relatively long. 3. PE pipe has relatively large elongation at break and high toughness, so it has strong adaptability to uneven extrusion settlement and dislocation, good impact resistance, and also makes the pipeline system stable and reliable. 4, the flow is large. Because the pipe wall is smooth, the resistance is relatively small, which can make the water flow faster and the flow rate is greater. Compared with other pipelines, the flow rate is large, which can save costs. 5. Convenient construction PE pipe is light in weight, easy to carry and install, hot melt connection has good sealing performance and is very reliable. ,. Good sealing. Welding can ensure the quality of the joint and realize the integration of the joint and the pipeline. The strength and blasting strength of the joint are also higher than the pipe body itself, which is safe and reliable.

  pe drain pipeAdvantages: long service life; Good hygiene; Resistance to corrosion by various chemical media; Smooth inner wall, low friction coefficient, corresponding improvement of medium passing capacity and excellent wear resistance; Good flexibility, high impact strength, strong earthquake resistance and deformation resistance; Light weight, convenient transportation and installation; Unique electric fusion connection, hot melt butt joint and hot melt socket connection technology make the joint strength and pipe body high, ensuring the safety and reliability of the joint.


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