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Tell me about some knowledge of PE water supply pipe

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May 12,2022

Tell me about some knowledge of PE water supply pipe Receiving pipes and fittings after acceptance, PE water supply pipes first accept product specifications, product certificates, quality certificates, various performance inspection and acceptance reports and other relevant information.

Tell me about some knowledge of PE water supply pipe

UsePE water supply pipeNeed to pay attention to what?

1. PE water supply pipes and pipe fittings shall have the product quality inspection report of the quality inspection department and the manufacturer's certificate.

2. In the process of storage, handling and transportation, PE water supply pipes shall be fastened with non-metallic ropes and blocked at the pipe ends.

3. PE water supply pipes and pipe fittings shall not be thrown or impacted during storage, handling and transportation, and shall not have serious cracks.


  4、PE water supply pipeAnd accessories in the storage, loading and unloading and transportation process, shall not be exposed to the sun and rain; Do not contact with other chemicals, such as oil, acid and salt.

The storage period of PE water supply pipes and fittings from production to use shall not exceed one year.

Material acceptance

1. After acceptance of receiving pipes and fittings, PE water supply pipes shall first accept relevant information such as product specifications, product certificates, quality certificates, various performance inspection and acceptance reports, etc.

2. During the acceptance of pipes and fittings, samples shall be taken from the same batch, and the specifications, dimensions and appearance performance shall be checked according to the current "Water Supply (PE) Polyethylene Material" standard, and inspection shall be carried out if necessary.


1. PE water supply pipes and pipe fittings shall be stored in warehouses or simple sheds with good ventilation and temperature not exceeding 40.

2. The pipes should be stacked horizontally on a flat bracket or on the ground, and the stacking height should not exceed 1.5 meters. When the pipes are tied into a 1m x 1m square bundle and supported on both sides, the stacking height can be appropriately increased, but should not exceed 3m. The corrugated pipe fittings should be stacked neatly one by one, easy to access and manage.

  3、PE water supply pipeAnd pipe fittings shall be covered when they are temporarily stacked outdoors.

4. When storing pipes, pipes with different diameters and wall thicknesses should be stacked separately.


1. The PE water supply pipe is hoisted with a non-metallic rope during transportation.

2. When handling PE water supply pipes and pipe fittings, power pipe manufacturers should handle them with care and arrange them neatly. Do not drag on the ground. When transporting pipes and pipe fittings in cold weather, violent impact is strictly prohibited.


1. The pipeline should be transported by car at the bottom of the flat car, and should be placed in the flat car during shipment. During transportation, the straight pipe should be supported in full length, the coil should be stacked neatly, and the straight pipe and the coil should be tied and fixed to avoid mutual collision. When stacking, do not touch sharp protrusions that may damage the pipeline.

2. During transportation, PE pipe fittings shall be neatly stacked in the box and fixed firmly.

PE pipes and pipe fittings should be covered during transportation to avoid sun and rain.

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