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Matters needing attention in the installation of pe water supply pipe?

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Sep 20,2022

We all know that with the rapid development trend of plastic pipes, the United States and the United States are also following the continuous improvement, but what we need to know is that PE water supply pipes are widely used in all walks of life with their unique characteristics and advantages, and the actual effect in application is also unimaginable. Here are the matters needing attention in installing pe water supply pipes?

We all know that with the rapid development trend of plastic pipes, the United States and the United States are also following the continuous improvement, but we should know that in whichPE water supply pipeWith its distinctive characteristics and advantages, it is widely used in all walks of life, and the actual effect in application is unimaginable?


PE water supply pipe has strong corrosion resistance, which can prevent the corrosion of various chemical components and ensure the safety of water supply. And more hygienic. Of course, not easy to accumulate dirt, not easy to breed bacteria, to a large extent to solve the problem of drinking water pollution. Especially its inner wall is smooth. The medium passes smoothly, reducing frictional resistance. And the weight is very light. Transportation and installation are very convenient, reducing the burden on construction personnel. In particular, it has good flexibility when in use, and can be restored after an earthquake or deformation, which is convenient for maintenance and protection, and also helps to increase the safety of water supply. In addition, it should be noted that when the PE water supply pipe is installed, the pipe groove needs to be excavated and the excavation should be straight. When the pipeline is connected underground, the width of the groove bottom at the joint should be increased as much as possible to facilitate the installation and docking. Of course, it is also recommended that you installpe water supply pipeFirst check whether the pipe groove meets the installation requirements, and then check whether the appearance of the pipe has obvious dents, cracks, scratches, scratches, etc. If there is any hidden quality hazard, it should be replaced in time. In this way, C20 concrete can be used to set concrete support at pipe elbows, tees, tapered joints, fire hydrants, etc., and flange valves can be reinforced with brick support structures. If you have something you don't understand, you can call us at any time to consult. You can see the contact information when you enter the official website. You can also consult the online customer service personnel. Will help everyone to solve some problems of quotation method.

PE water supply pipe is connected by hot melt joint and electric melt joint. The hot-melt connection is divided into hot-melt socket connection and hot-melt butt connection, and the electric-melt connection is divided into electric-melt socket connection and electric-melt saddle connection. The docking temperature is usually in the middle of 210-230°C. In this case, the heating time of the heating plate is different in winter and summer, and the melting length on both sides is 1-2mm. And its water supply pipe and metal pipe, valve, fire hydrant connection, need to use steel plastic connection joints or professional flange water supply pipeAfter installation and laying, it shall be backfilled immediately after completion and acceptance of secret works. In fact, what we need to know is that in order to better let PE water supply pipes play their own characteristics, we should not only follow the corresponding operating procedures, but also pay attention to the above matters for installation. In the case of double insurance, the construction work is more powerful. Of course, after the project is completed, it needs to be inspected. It is recommended that you prevent a step from causing the product to not work properly. Everyone knows that PE water supply pipes have a long service life., But the premise is that regular maintenance and maintenance are required to maintain or even increase the service life of the product. As the main product of our factory, thanks to the strong support of new and old customers, while ensuring the reliability of product quality, we also benefit our customers. If you have any technical problems related to the product, you can come here at any time to consult.

The above contents are the matters needing attention in installing pe water supply pipe, which Xiaobian told friends. Other knowledge points about pe water supply pipe will continue to be updated in the next period. Remember to pay more attention to the website so as not to miss the wonderful contents. Welcome everyone to come here to order suitable products.

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