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Shandong PE Pipe Manufacturer: Introduce the Cause of PE Pipe Damage

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Feb 09,2023

Shandong PE Pipe Manufacturer: Introduce the Cause of PE Pipe Damage Before the application of FE pipe fittings and other plastic hoses in the water supply network, the water supply pipelines generally use metal hoses. As a result, it is found that after drinking water is used for a while, it will occasionally be light yellow or even light brown. This is because the metal hose is easy to rust after being applied for too long.

  Shandong PE pipe manufacturers: Introduce the reason for the damage of PE pipe

The roller bracket is not used in the electric welding of the straight pipe section of PE pipe and the trenchless pipe jacking pull back link, resulting in the damage and scratch of the PE pipe wall thickness. Shading countermeasures such as sun protection and water and rain protection are not adopted to protect the pipe fittings stored on site, endanger the performance index of pipe fittings and reduce the service life of pipe fittings. Before the application of FE pipe fittings and other plastic hoses in the water supply network, the water supply pipelines generally use metal hoses, because the metal hoses are easily corroded after being applied for too long.


Common specifications and technical parameters of PE water supply pipe mainly include: diameter 20 mm50mm90mm125mm200mm800mm1200mm, length 6m9m. The general water supply project is used in some models and specifications, and the working pressure depends on the specific construction standards.

PE water supply pipe is not easy to rust, is the general iron drainage pipe can replace the pipe fittings. PE water supply pipe can be corrosion resistant, good environmental health performance for a long period of use. PE water supply pipe has strong flexibility and good scratch resistance. Now the relevant standards have been very large changes, for different pe100 and pe80 made a different bearing capacity, so the bearing capacity is relatively strong, in addition to the old standard under the tensile strength performance index, and then enhance the tensile strength (more than 350 percent).

  Mountaineast pe pipe manufacturers: how to repair pe pipe fittings?

In the process of burying pe pipe fittings, it is forbidden to roll the pipe from top to bottom at will. When hanging objects such as materials and stones collide with the pipe body and damage the pipe body, the pipe fittings must be repaired. In addition, the pipe plugging joint or restorer of pe pipe fittings is repaired, but this repair method is different from flange plate or welding repair, and it is not permanently repaired without kick-off. when pe pipe fittings and pipes are stored and transported, they should be placed gently and neatly, and they should not be thrown or dragged along the ground. This type of restoration is generally suitable for buried applications, because the compacted soil will limit the thermal deformation movement of the pipeline.

When transporting PE water supply pipe, non-metallic material rope shall be used for lifting. Pipe fittings and pipes shall be placed gently and neatly during transportation. Do not throw and drag along the ground. When transporting pipe fittings and pipes at severe cold temperature, strong collision is prohibited. PE water supply pipe should not only be protected during storage and transportation, but also corresponding countermeasures should be made when transported from the manufacturer to the construction site. If the countermeasures are not well done during transportation, it may also cause many problems such as damage to the pipe fittings.

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The Importance and Advantages of PE Pipe in Water Supply Project

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