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The advantages of PE pipe relative to other building materials

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May 07,2019

The advantages of building water supply and drainage PE pipes relative to other building decoration materials are mainly analyzed from the following 7 points: 1. Corrosion resistance, long service life, in China's coastal cities, the groundwater level is high, the land humidity is high, the use of seamless steel pipes must do a good job of anti-corrosion and installation of positive grain outward temper, resulting in high cost, and the service life is only about 30 years, and PE pipe can resist several kinds of chemical medium corrosion, no need to do anti-corrosion treatment. In addition, it does not promote the growth of algae, bacteria or fungi, so the service life is as long as 50 years. 2. Good ductility and good sex. PE pipe is a kind of high toughness pipe,

Building water supply and drainageThe advantages of PE pipe relative to other building decoration materials, mainly fromBelow7 points of content analysis:


1. Corrosion resistance, long service life, in China's coastal cities, the groundwater level is high, the land humidity is high, the use of seamless steel pipeThat must be doneCorrosion protectionWorkAnd do the installation of male pattern outward temperlead to higher costand life only30 yearsLeft and right, andPETubeMaterialabilityseveralCorrosion of chemical media,NoneRequiredDoPreservative treatment. In addition, it does not encourage algae, bacteria or fungi to grow,ThereforeService lifeLongup50 yearsLong.


2. ductility,RaoSex is good.PE pipe is a kind of high toughness pipe, its elongation at break is greater than 500, the pipe foundation uneven settlement and displacement of the adaptability is very strong, good seismic resistance, so it is most suitable for the risk of earthquake disaster.ofGeographical, worldwide practiceIndicatesPE pipeMaterialIs the best seismic resistance of the pipeline. There areNews reportsSayIn the 1995 Kobe earthquake in Japan,Only useWater supply pipe for PE pipeAnd the water supply pipe is the only pipe that has not been damaged.In addition to this,Flexibility of PE pipeMakePE pipe can be coiled, reducing a lot of connecting pipe fittingsThe use.Trend of PE pipebe ableEasily in accordance with the construction methoddifferent to comeTo make a change. InWorks in progressDuring construction, you canPEBypass obstacles within the pipe bending radius to reduce construction difficulty.


3. Wide range of use,High cost performance.PE pipe inner wall smooth, no fouling. The equivalent absolute roughness ratio of the inner surface of the PE pipe is the steel pipe.1/20, the sameofTubeStraightdiameter,The same pipelength,the sameunder pressurePE pipeofThe circulation capacity is larger than the steel pipeabout 30%,So sayobvious economic advantagescan save a lot of money.PE pipe andCompared to metal pipesBelow,PE pipebe ableReduce engineeringof the fundsaround 1/3,be ablecoil of small caliberPETubing,AgainCanin orderFurtherDecreaseEngineeringCost.andConvenient connection, constructionMore relative to steel.Simple, methodAlsoManymany speciessample.PE pipeofLight tube, handlingMove up more.convenient,DissolvedconnectedSimple, fewer interfaces, when the pipelineVeryLongofWhenHou alsoCanto adoptCoil layingPE pipe trench requirements are much lower than steel pipe trench requirementsandAnd when constructionthe environmentbyToWhen limiting,We can alsoElectric fusion welding is adopted.In addition to this alsoCanMakesquare sunk with pipeTypelaid at the bottom of the water, greatly reducingEngineeringConstructionofDifficultywithEngineeringusedExpenses.


4.Excellent physical properties. Medium density polyethylene properties between highdensity polyethylene.Low density polyethylene between each other, not only to achieve the stiffness of high density polyethylene, strength, but also very good flexibility, creep resistance, and higher density polyethylene more hot melt connection characteristics of excellentFeaturesIt is beneficial to the installation of plastic pipes..


5.Good air tightness.The PE pipe itself uses a dissolving connection, which essentially ensures the unity of the interface material, structure and pipe body itself, and realizes the connection.Matwith tubeSonof integration.guaranteed.The compressive strength of the interface is related toresistanceblasting strengthAll of themhigherPEPipeofOntology,be ableeffectiveofResistanceDepartmenthoop stress due to pressurewithaxial stress.So?Type of connection with rubber ringMouthCompared with other mechanical joints, no.WillExistence of response distortionleadofRisk of leakage,Airtightperformance is verythe excellent.


6.Good stress cracking resistance:PE pipeMaterialhasvery goodnotch sensitivity,and hasHigh shear strengthand very goodresistanceScrapingMarching ability, resistance to environmental stressAlsoVery resistancelow temperature impactaspect performance is also veryGood:Low-temperature embrittlement temperature of PE pipeVeryLow,be ableIn-60TemperatureofScopeWithin the risk-freeUse. And in our countryofNorthDepartmentregion, in the winterday outdoorLaying of polyethylene buriedIngroundLowerWhen water is supplied, it is concluded thatIt'san experienceThenis in0 ℃The following is notin adaptationlaying constructionIt's,That'sBecause at this timeHDPETubeEasily occurBrittle crack.PE pipeWear resistancealso veryGood.,InPEWear resistance of pipe and steel pipeCompareRealIt is indicated inPE pipeThe wear resistance is the steel pipe4 timesLeft and right.


7.Convenient maintenance,be ableNo.UseWater cut off,StopGasYou canRepair and installation.


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