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Standard for trench bottom of pipeline excavation

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Oct 27,2019

Pipe excavation trench bottom standard single pipe laying trench bottom width a = D 0.3m double pipe laying trench bottom width a = Dl D2 S 0.3m general provisions for laying 75

Standard for trench bottom of pipeline excavation

Single pipe laying

Bottom width of trench a = D 0.3m double pipe laying
Trench Bottom Width a = Dl D2 S 0.3m General Provisions for Laying
Engineering external diameter of 400
In the formula: a_-groove bottom width D__pipe engineering outer diameter
D1 -- outer diameter of the first pipe project (m) D2 -- outer diameter of the second pipe project (m)
S-distance between one or two pipes (0.5m for polyethylglow gas pipe)

As manual excavation: the trench bottom is required to be flat, dense and free of hard objects. If over-excavation is required, it must be compacted.
B, mechanical excavation, must have a margin of manual excavation, can not use mechanical excavation in place, need to have a margin of 200mm.
c. For construction in areas with high groundwater level or in rainy season, dewatering or drainage is required. For sections with poor geology, trench support or foundation treatment shall be provided.
d. When excavating the pipe trench, the soil shall be thrown to one side as far as possible, and the distance from the edge of the trench shall not be less than 0.5m.
E, when the bottom of the groove is hard earth and stone, the hard stone shall be dug not less than 150mm, the ditching part shall be backfilled with fine sand or fine soil, and when the original soil is salt, fine sand and fine soil shall be paved.
F, when the soil quality at the bottom of the trench is extremely poor, the trench can be dug deeper, then filled with gravel at the bottom of the trench, then rammed with cement mortar, and paved with a layer of fine sand, thickness = 150mm.

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