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PE pipe installation construction scheme

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Dec 04,2019

Overview of 1. pipes PE water supply pipe as a new type of pipe, with corrosion resistance, non-toxic, smooth inner wall resistance, anti-aging long service life (50 years), light weight (density is only 1/8 of the steel pipe), installation labor intensity Low, low construction cost, strong seismic performance, good material flexibility and other characteristics. The mobilization and inspection of 2. materials In order to ensure the quality of the project, we shall fill in the mobilization declaration form before the materials enter the site and submit it to the supervisor for acceptance. The supervisor shall check and accept the varieties, specifications and appearance of the materials entering the site according to the specifications (GB50242--2002). The packaging shall be in good condition and the surface shall be free of scratches and external.

   Overview of 1. pipes

    PEAs a new type of pipe, water supply pipe has corrosion resistance, non-toxic, smooth inner wall resistanceSmall, anti-aging and long service life (50Year), light weight (density only steel pipe1/8), InstallationLow labor intensity, low construction cost, strong seismic performance, good material flexibility and so on.

Mobilization and Inspection of 2. Materials

     To ensure the quality of the project,We fill in the entry declaration form before the material enters the site.,Report to the supervisor for acceptance, Supervision according to the specification (GB50242--20021) Type, specification and appearance of materials entering the siteAcceptance,Packaging shall be intact,The surface shall be free of scratches and external force impact damage,The appearance of the whole tube should be smooth,No color unevenness,Check the wall thickness and roundness of the pipe. Check whether the products issued by the manufacturer are qualified.Quality certification documents such as certificates, quality acceptance reports and use permits issued by government authorities.,Sign and acknowledge after meeting the requirements. After material mobilization,We are in accordance with the provisions of the batch and frequency of the entry of the material.Witness sampling and inspection of materials and accessories,Construction can only be carried out after passing the inspection.

    3. construction sequence:

     Pouring concrete

    1, Pipe Installation

     (1)、PEThe pipe is connected by hot melt, because the method is low cost, good quality of the pipe interface, no need.Advantages such as pipe fittings.,

     The main steps of hot melt connection are:

     2. Material preparation: Place the pipe or pipe fitting in a flat position, put it on the docking machine, and leave enough10-20mmof the cutting allowance.

     Clamping: according to the welded pipe, pipe fittings to select the appropriate slip clamp, clamping pipe,Get ready for cutting.

     Cutting: cutting the impurities and oxide layer on the end face of the welded pipe section and pipe fitting to ensure the two butt ends.Smooth, smooth, no impurities.

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     2. Center: the end faces of the two welded pipe sections shall be completely centered. The smaller the wrong side, the better. The wrong side shall not exceedwall thickness10%. Otherwise, the docking quality will be affected.

     Heating: The docking temperature is generally210-230? Between is appropriate, heating plate heating time winterSummer is different, with the melting length of both ends1-2mmFor the best.

    Switching: remove the heating plate and quickly make the two hot melting end faces stick and pressurize to ensure melting

    Melt docking quality, the shorter the switching cycle, the better.

     2. Melting butt joint: is the key to welding, the butt joint process should always be carried out under melting pressure,Curl width2-4mmis appropriate.

     Cooling: keep the docking pressure unchanged, let the interface cool down slowly, and the cooling time depends on the handTouch curling stiff, do not feel hot prevail.

     Docking completed: after cooling, loosen the slips, remove the docking machine, and prepare the next interface again.Connect.

    (2)Quality control points of hot melt connection

     Due to the high technical requirements of hot melt connection, attention should be paid to the appearance inspection of the interface quality, and the connection should be required.A uniform flange is formed at the mouth. There are the following common reasons for connection quality problems, during constructionShould pay attention to prevent:

     4. Mixing of pipes and fittings with different materials, brands and wall thickness;

     The end face of the connector is not kept clean, and the water or soil adhering to it shall be cleaned in time;

     The operator's skills are not high, and the process parameters of hot melt connection (heating time, heating temperaturedegree, connection pressure, cooling time) is not strictly controlled according to the specified requirements;

     Move the connecting piece or apply external force to the connecting piece without complete cooling;

     3. The welding equipment shall be maintained regularly to ensure the good service condition of the equipment. Hydrostatic test of 3. 4. pipeline

     1After the pipeline installation is qualified, due to the projectPEThe pipe is in the concrete floor, so, in pouring concreteThe pipeline must be protected and air pressure tested. Prevent pipeline damage, timely

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Destroys the location.

     2When the system is filled with water, the exhaust valve at each height of the pipeline should be opened to exhaust the air. To be filled with waterAfter full, close the discharge valve and use the electric pressure test pump to pressurize. The pressure should gradually increase to a certain value.When, should stop to check the pipeline, no problem to continue to pressurize, generally points2~3Second rise to testCheck the pressure. When the pressure reaches the test pressure, stop pressurizing and keep the constant pressure10minutes, on the interface tubeThere is no damage or water leakage in the body inspection, and the pipeline strength test is considered qualified. Under test pressure,10Minute pressure drop not more0(02MPaIt can be considered that the tightness test is qualified and the pressure test quality is excellent.Good. The quality and safety staff of the team shall make timely pressure test records.

    Quality Assurance Measures for 5. Pipeline Installation

     14. Carefully check the pipes or parts to meet the specifications, and remove the sundries in the pipe.

     23. If the pipe is found to have appearance damage, it shall be prohibited to use.

     3Check whether there is enough space for welding position.

     4Before welding, the center line and elevation of the pipe shall be carefully inspected to meet the design and specification requirements. Quality Assurance Measures for 6. Valve Installation

     1Before installing the valve, check the model according to the design requirements, remove the dirt in the valve, and check the valve stem.Check whether the rotation is flexible, make clear the rotation direction of the switch, and whether the valve body has cracks, sand holes, etc.Whether the flange plane is flat and straight, whether the water stop line is clear and whether the screw hole meets the standard.

     21. Brick-built valve wells shall be protected and provided with anti-collision during pipeline construction.Signs of the measures for protection.

    Quality Assurance Measures for 7. Pipeline Pressure Test

     13. The pressure gauge shall be inspected within the effective inspection period before the hydrostatic test.

     2When the pipeline enters water, exhaust gas shall be carefully carried out, and the exhaust point shall be selected at the high position of the pipe section as far as possible.

     34. During the hydrostatic test, the pressure shall be gradually increased, and a special person shall be responsible for observation and inspection.

The Importance and Advantages of PE Pipe in Water Supply Project

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