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How to prevent the PE pipe from bursting

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Sep 24,2020

We must choose excellent quality products from PE pipe manufacturers, and when in use, we must take preventive measures to prevent problems such as bursting.

We must start fromPE pipe manufacturerChoose products with excellent quality, and when in use, preventive measures must be taken to prevent problems such as bursting.

PE pipe construction is generally completed at the bottom, if there is a burst, it means to re-construction, the use of obstacles, a waste of resources, the most important thing is not timely supply. Therefore, after the buried pipe is sealed, the position and direction of the hidden pipe shall be indicated at the obvious position on the wall surface. It is strictly prohibited to impact or nail sharp objects such as metal nails on the pipe. And after installation, be careful not to use it as a pull-up, hanger, etc. After the construction, it must be checked and accepted. The acceptance must be meticulous. If there are problems in the later period, it will not be easy to deal.

In order to avoid bending of pe pipes, the stacking should be flat and the stacking height should not be greater than 2m. When handling pipes and fittings, they should be carefully handled to avoid oil pollution. It is strictly forbidden to hit, touch with sharp points, throw, fall and drag.

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