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What is the skill of choosing PE pipe

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Sep 29,2020

PE pipe is a common pipe in our home decoration, but the manufacturer of PE pipe said that it must ensure its quality before it can be used safely and safely.

PE pipe is a common pipe in our home decoration,PE pipe manufacturerHe said that only by ensuring its quality can it be used safely and safely.

Its quality can be judged from the appearance. For good quality PE pipes, the color should be bright, and the internal and external pipes should be smooth, flat, without bumps, bubbles and other defects. Also pay attention to check its light transmittance, good resistance to light transmittance of the pipe is very good, can be raised in the sun to observe its light transmittance, but also a reasonable choice to use the wall thickness of the pipe. You can bend the pe pipe forcefully to see if it will break. If the water pipe breaks slightly, the quality of such water pipe is definitely not good.

In addition, it can be judged by other testing data such as the certificate of conformity submitted by the seller. You can also smell the smell of the water pipe. If the pipe fittings have a stimulating smell, it means that the quality is not good, and the good quality PE pipe will not have a stimulating smell.

The Importance and Advantages of PE Pipe in Water Supply Project

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