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What are the installation steps of the threading pipe

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Nov 16,2020

The products of threading pipe manufacturers are widely used because of their corrosion resistance, low consumption, long service life, and convenient installation. So how is it installed?

Threading tube manufacturersThe products are widely used because of their corrosion resistance, low consumption, long service life, and convenient installation. So how to install them?

In the way of laying the threading pipe, it is necessary to install the hanger or boom at a distance of every 1.5-2.5m. The conduit mouth shall be sleeved with glue protection nozzle, the conduit shall be threaded with traction thin iron wire, the connector or junction box shall be installed, the conduit shall be fixed on the hanger or hanger rod with a pipe code, and each section of conduit shall be connected with the connector or junction box to form an integral pipeline. Route each branch loop pipe to the top of the distribution panel for concentration, and then arrange the pipe along the wall to the distribution panel for fixation. At the connection points of all conduits, including joints, junction boxes, cable boxes, lamp head boxes, switch boxes and distribution boards, galvanized steel wires with a diameter of not less than 2.5mm thick shall be used as jumper wires to be firmly welded to the pipelines, so that the pipelines are welded into an electrical whole and grounded.

Threading pipe is a product that can be applied to pipelines and auxiliary installations of lines, but for its installation, it needs to be operated according to relevant specifications and standards.

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