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Laying method of pe water supply pipe in pipeline

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Nov 19,2020

On the whole, the laying of pe water supply pipes can be divided into various laying methods such as open laying, concealed laying, overhead laying and buried laying. Let's learn about the knowledge of concealed laying.

On the whole,pe water supply pipeThe laying can be divided into various laying methods such as open laying, concealed laying, overhead laying and buried laying. Let's take a look at the knowledge of concealed laying.

Because the PE water supply pipe is greatly affected by the environment and the temperature of the medium, it is appropriate to adopt the dark application. In the construction, it should cooperate closely with the construction, structure, electrical and other specialties, coordinate with each other, do a good job of reservation and embedding, and take corresponding protective measures. Pipe grooves should be reserved for concealed laying of pipes on the wall. After the pipes are laid and tested for pressure, soft materials such as rock wool with a thickness of at least 20mm should be filled around the pipes to prevent condensation of the pipes or damage to the wall due to pipe deformation due to temperature changes. Moreover, the concealed pipeline shall be subjected to a second systematic pressure test after the completion of civil construction and decoration to eliminate the damage of the pipeline caused by civil construction or decoration, and can be put into use after acceptance.

If it is an open pipe, it should be carried out after the completion of civil decoration. Before installation, holes or embedded casings should be correctly reserved in coordination with civil construction. If the pipeline crosses the floor, steel casings should be set. The casing size should be two sizes larger than the PE water supply pipe diameter, and steel casings should be set when penetrating walls, with both ends flat with the wall surface.

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