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What are the requirements for landfill pe threading pipe

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Nov 30,2020

PE threading pipe in the underground construction, the need for landfill, and what are the details need to pay attention to it.

pe threading pipeIn the underground construction, the need for landfill, and what are the details need to pay attention to it.

Before construction, we should be familiar with the drawings to prevent leakage and wrong burial. When pe threading pipes are buried in concrete beams and columns, junction boxes and junction boxes should be firmly fixed and their positions should meet the design requirements. The small bending radius of pe threading pipe is greater than or equal to 10D, and the bending flatness at the elbow is less than or equal to 0.1D. Cup comb is used. The tube enters the box, and the box is flush with the box and the inner mouth of the box. A pipe has a hole, and no long hole is allowed. When connecting pipes, pipes and boxes, the joints shall be glued with water, and the joints shall be sealed firmly. And the wire should not have joints in the pe threading pipe, and the circuit transformation should avoid dead lines.

During the construction of low water level pipelines, the water in the pipe trench should be drained before construction. During the welding process, the water in the pipeline cannot enter, so as not to affect the welding of welded pipe fittings. If there is a road above the pipeline, a set of steel pipes should be added for backfilling during laying.

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