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What problems should be paid attention to in the process of emergency repair of PE pipelines?

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Jul 07,2021

In the PE pipes we use daily, there may be hazards such as leakage. What issues should be paid attention to in response to the rapid repair of PE pipes?

In our daily usePE pipeThere may be hazards such as leakage. What issues should be paid attention to in response to the rapid repair of PE pipes?

1. Emergency repair personnel in emergency repair of sudden safety accidents, PE pipelines strictly abide by the "Emergency Plan for Work Safety Accidents" and related safety management systems and "Safety Operation Regulations", avoid traffic violation guidelines, prohibit violations, and follow orders., Stop while advancing, clear division of labor, and implement responsibilities.


2. Vehicles, mechanical equipment, pipe fittings, auxiliary materials, safety instruments, on-site safety maintenance equipment, fire-fighting equipment, testing instruments, communication equipment, recording equipment, etc. required for emergency repairs must be complete and effective, and errors, omissions, poor operation or Product quality problems.

3. In the area of the site contaminated by natural gas,PE pipeAll open fires are prohibited. Emergency personnel wear cotton underwear, welder's clothes or anti-static work clothes, life-saving equipment rope, use explosion-proof tools, do not take off the gas mask casually, use explosion-proof lamp or flashlight when lighting.

4. The excavation of foundation pit shall be repaired by manual excavation, and the measures of humidification and cooling shall be added. The working pit shall be standardized and firm as much as possible, secondary disasters caused by collapse shall be prohibited, and escape routes such as stairs shall be dug on one side.

5. Before carrying out electric welding and other operations, the emergency repair personnel shall fully grasp the causes of the leakage, such as the location, appearance and size of the leakage, the thickness of the nearby wall, the working pressure of the pipeline, other equipment adjacent to the pipeline in the working pit, etc., and clarify the relatively actual operation plan and safeguard measures. It is strictly prohibited to blindly follow the trend of welding, resulting in personnel and economic losses.

After understanding the above five points, we will use againPE pipeThere will be no major problems during the emergency repair process.

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