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For the laying of PE drainage pipe should pay attention to what problems?

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Aug 20,2021

What should be paid attention to for the laying of PE drainage pipe? The burial process of PE drainage pipe is very complicated, and some requirements should be complied. Below, to tell you about the laying of PE drainage pipe should pay attention to what problems? We can pay attention to the following content.

ForPE drain pipeThe laying should pay attention to what problems?

The burial process of PE drainage pipes is very complicated and complies with some requirements. Below, to tell you about the laying of PE drainage pipe should pay attention to what problems? We can pay attention to the following content.


Before the construction of the 1. subgrade unit, the subbase shall be laid with horizontal zoning drainage pipes.

2. slotting: manual slotting shall be carried out according to the design chainage position arranged by the drawing designer and surveyor. The groove width is 1~2cm wider than the pipe diameter, and the groove depth is 23 cm below the surface of the road bed. The length of the ditch shall be 10cm from the center line on the inside, extending to the slope on the outside and extending to the inner wall of the side ditch on the excavated section. The slope of the trench should be a lateral drainage slope along the road, not a reverse slope, to ensure that the water in the road drains out of the foundation. Before slotting, pull the wire to ensure straightness.

3.PE drain pipeNozzle: The joints at both ends of each high-density polyethylene pipe are covered with rubber rings and tightened to avoid water leakage.

4. down pipe: after cleaning the bottom of the tank and connecting the pipe according to the length of the tank, put the pipe into the tank, and tie the nozzle tightly with the sack cloth at the end of the side of the central divider to prevent impurities from entering the pipe and causing blockage.

5.PE drain pipeBackfilling: Select excavated fine-grained soil for backfilling, or sand for backfilling. After backfilling, large stones are removed and tamped manually. The top surface of the backfill should not be higher than the road bed, but should be 1~2cm lower than the road bed surface, otherwise it will be crushed by vehicles and water will not come out.

6. Clearing Now: The remaining soil after backfilling shall be immediately removed from the site and the road surface shall be cleared. The remaining soil shall be unloaded at designated places such as the reclaim yard, and shall not be unloaded on the road at will.

7.PE drain pipeAfter the construction of the subbase of the fill section is completed, on the brushed slope, at the exit according to the design size, cast-in-situ trapezoidal outlet plate, which is poured with shaped wood. Before pouring, the slope is leveled and nailed into three 25 cm long bamboo sticks to facilitate stability.

8. attention should be paid to ensure that there is a drainage pipe at the low point of the vertical curve of the route to ensure that there is no water on the road surface. Buried pressure pipeline. After the subgrade is submitted to the filling section, the positions of pipes and wells shall be measured and set out in time according to the design drawings. The slotting shall be manually coordinated with the small excavator, and the slope of the trough bottom shall meet the design requirements to ensure smooth drainage. The width of the trench should not be less than 47cm, and the excavated waste residue should be removed in time. In the filling section, in order to ensure the thickness of soil covering the top of the pipe and ensure that the pipe is not crushed, the bottom of the tank is reduced by 20cm. For the subgrade of the excavation section, reverse excavation shall be carried out after the subbase is completed.

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