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PE capacitor pipe fittings

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PE Electrofusion Fittings

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Product Description

Electrofusion pipe fitting refers to a plastic (polyethylene) pipe fitting that can be melted by the temperature generated by the current to reach the connection. In the sales and application of polyethylene pipeline system, about 15% ~ 20% of the sales belong to pipe fittings. The pipe fittings of polyethylene pipeline system are mainly divided into hot melt pipe fittings and electrofusion pipe fittings. Due to price reasons, the amount of hot melt pipe fittings in engineering application is more than that of electrofusion pipe fittings, but electrofusion pipe fittings play an important and irreplaceable role in engineering and maintenance, especially in the construction of electric fusion pipe fittings by the external environment and human factors less, so the reliability is better, more popular with users. In particular, electrofusion fittings are increasingly being used in gas pipe engineering.
PE water supply electric melting pipe fittings executive standard: GBT13663-2018/PE gas electric melting pipe fittings executive standard: GB/T15558-2018
Product Performance
Since the matrix of the electrofusion pipe is made of PE material, the PE pipe system composed of PE pipe solves two major problems of traditional pipes: corrosion and leakage at joints. Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following:
(1) Corrosion resistance: long service life
(2) No leakage at the joint: the use of electrofusion pipe connection, in essence, to ensure the PE pipeline system interface material, structure and the same nature of the pipe body itself, to achieve the integration of joints and pipes;
(3) Effective resistance to underground movement and end load: After the PE pipeline system is connected by welding method, the joint based on this method is resistant to end load and joint leakage will not occur. At the same time, the stress relaxation characteristics of PE can effectively dissipate stress through deformation, so that expensive anchoring is not required in many cases at joints and bends. In addition, based on its high toughness, the elongation at break is generally more than 500%, and the PE pipeline system has a very strong adaptability to the uneven settlement of the pipe base.
Product advantages
Compared with the hot melt connection mode, the main advantages of PE electric fusion pipe connection are: first, the welding output heat is stable, second, the pipe diameter is not affected, third, the equipment is light and easy to operate; fourth, it is suitable for polyethylene pipe connection with different melt index.
Application areas
PE electric fusion pipe fittings are widely used in gas and municipal water supply pipeline industry because of their simple and convenient operation and stable and reliable welding.


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