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MPP power pipe

Products have been widely used in environmental protection, papermaking, metallurgy, electric power, mining, chemical fiber, petrochemical, sulfuric acid, chlor-alkali, pharmaceutical, salinization, landfill and sewage treatment and other fields.


MPP Power Sleeve

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PE Pipe Classification

PE pipe according to the pipe density points: high density polyethylene pipe, medium density polyethylene pipe, low density polyethylene pipe;

PE pipe according to the pipe structure: smooth wall polyethylene pipe, double wall corrugated polyethylene pipe, spiral wound polyethylene pipe;

PE pipe according to the pipe material points: cross-linked polyethylene pipe, aluminum-plastic composite polyethylene pipe, copper-plastic composite polyethylene pipe, steel-plastic composite polyethylene pipe;

PE pipes are divided into water supply and drainage pipes, gas pipes, electrical casing pipes, agricultural pipes, industrial pipes, hot water heating pipes, and sewage pipes;

PE pipe specification

PE pipe grade: PE32, PE40, PE63, PE80, PE100

Standard size ratio (ratio of nominal outer diameter to nominal wall thickness):SDR26, SDR21, SDR17.6, SDR13.6, SDR11

Nominal pressure (MPa):0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.25, 1.6


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